Woods Excavating & Septic Solutions has been in business for 30 years, it employs the skill of individuals  unique  to the industry and the equipment it requires. We are professionals, efficient, reliable, precise with focus on safety  and customer satisfaction. Woods Excavating and Septic Solutions has a line of equipments,  and access to  cat loaders, dozers, bobcats, packers, excavators and trucks to meet  your specific site requirements, whether your building roads, clearing trees, excavating a basement. With the latest in laser equipment ,    finish grade work for residential and commercial site development, be it sub grade or topsoil for residential homes,  basements or foundations , floor slabs, we have the experience. Woods Excavating and Septic Solutions has a proven 30 years of success, Go with the Professionals! We can supply  TOPSOIL, SAND, GRAVEL AND CLAY FILL .SAFETY is job number one, no one wants injuries and Woods Excavating and Septic Solutions has a proven 30 years of success. Go with the Professionals! Remember to call Dial Before you Dig! Visit the website for more info here. We provide free consultation and site inspection to assist in pre site planning for acreage development including waste water management in our local community. Click here to contact us.

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